Day 5, 6 and 7: drive-by yelling

There have now been two incidents of drive-by yelling during this project.  The first time it happened I was eating ice-cream at a picnic table outside a Kawartha Dairy Ice-Cream Shop.  A man drove by in a pick-up truck with the window down and yelled something.  I didn’t hear what he said, and therefore I cannot say for sure that it was aimed at me.

The second time was yesterday.  The same thing happened, this time outside my house.  It was a man again, in a pick-up truck again.  He yelled something out.  I didn’t catch what he said so once again I cannot know for sure whether it was aimed at me.  It seems to me though that since this has now happened twice in three days, that’s there’s a strong possibility that its not a coincidence.

Who are these people that honk or yell out their windows at people on the street?!

Getting drive-by yelled or honked at used to happen to me regularly when I was in high school, living in Waterloo, usually while walking home from school.  Sometimes it would be accompanied by rude, suggestive hand gestures and many times screams of “You’re hot!” or, you know, less PG things.  One time a friend and I counted three separate incidents within 10 minutes of each other near Chapters and The Beat Goes On.  It was always unsettling, never appreciated, and especially early on in those teen years, shame and anxiety inducing.

One time in university a couple of friends and I had had enough.  We decided to ride around and honk and yell at random university men on the sidewalks.  The experience was delightful and cathartic, a symbol of taking back our power and a strike back for womankind.

It doesn’t happen very often to me anymore, which is why these recent incidents stuck out.  I wonder if this kind of thing happens more often to women in headscarves than it does to the rest of us bare-headed womenscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-3-56-30-pm on the street.  Besides these two incidents though, I feel pretty normal with it while I walk around in public.  The vast majority of people do not care at all.  A handful of people might be extra courteous while a handful of people stare.  Overall I feel as though I could get pretty used to wearing it in public all the time, and have actually been grateful for it at times when the weather has been cold.


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